Family Blackout Kit

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This compact survival kit is designed to keep up to 4 individuals safe during a Blackout. It is packed neatly into our ChildrenĀ“s Hiking Backpack. The red travel size bag has the words "Survival Kit" on the front.

Light and Communication:
Never be stranded without the proper supplies to help you keep in communication with those around you.
1 - Dynamo Lantern
2 - Squeeze Flashlights
1 - Box Waterproof Matches
2 - 30 Hour Emergency Candles
2 - 12 Hour Emergency Bright Sticks
Shelter and Warmth:
Nothing is worse than being cold and without shelter.With these items you will be comfortable even during the coldest times.
4 - Hand/Body Warmers
4 - Mylar Emergency Sleeping Bags
First Aid:
With these items you will be able to tend to minor injuries and offer relief to those in need.
Guardian First Aid Essentials Kit
36 Piece Portable First Aid Kit
If you find yourself in a mundane situation, use these items to entertain yourself until circumstances change.

Deck of Playing Cards
Emergency Survival Kit Information: This kit was designed using advice from experts in the field of emergency preparedness. It follows guidelines offered by government agencies and nonprofit preparedness organizations.