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Thank Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they made and the freedom we enjoy. The Classic Military Shadow Box for Memorial Flag will pay a loving tribute to the memory of service members or law enforcement officers. With its elegant looks and durable construction, this piece is sure to become a treasured keepsake.

The frame is constructed using solid mahogany wood with no veneers or laminates. The curved base adds stability and style. The Plexiglas panels protect against dust and the harmful effects of UV light. The display area is easily accessible through the back for easy placement of the items.


  • 32"(W) x 24.5"(H) x 4.5"(D)
  • Ideal for a desk, shelf, or mantelpiece
  • The two felt display areas are each 7.5' (W) x 8.75' (H)
  • Ample space for an engraved plate at the base

Flag size

  • For the funeral/burial flag (9.5' x 5')
  • Flag sold separately.

Tip for selecting felt color

  • A felt background in your choice of blue, black, or red serves to highlight the insignia's that you choose to display
  • Tradition is that black felt goes with Army; blue with Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and law enforcement; and red with the Marine Corps and Fire Departments.

Benefits of mahogany wood

  • Lasts decades—even more than a century—and retains its visual appeal
  • Prized for its strength, color, and beautiful pattern
  • Excellent resistance to stains
  • The wood grain is free of voids.

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